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Loan 1500 Euro money: Apply online now and securely

Free 1500 Euro credit request The 1500 Euro loan is given for a term of 30 days . This will save you a lot of time and quickly pay off the loan. Receive immediate payment and acceptance As an applicant, you will immediately be notified if your loan has been approved. Real instant payout Thanks to the express option, the 1500 Euro mini loan will be transferred to your account immediately upon request. Simply book the option and the money will be sent the same day.

1500 euros borrow with Good Lender

1500 euros borrow with Good Lender

If you want to borrow 1500 Euro, then Good lender’s microloan will make a good choice. The solution has several advantages : it is a short-term loan that gives the consumer advantageous conditions – in many ways. On the one hand, the loan can be granted over 1,500 euros within a few minutes and received on the same day in the account of the applicant. On the other hand, the repayment period is limited to a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 90 days. The short period has a positive impact on fees , which are particularly low.

Note The rule of thumb is that the shorter the repayment term, the lower the effective interest paid (in terms of APR).

New customers of Good lender can borrow up to 500 euros. If this is repaid on time, nothing stands in the way of a loan of 1500 euros. Existing customers even have the opportunity to borrow up to 3000 euros. The basic conditions always remain the same.

Potential reasons for the need of 1500 euros

Potential reasons for the need of 1500 euros

Everyone knows it: Sometimes an unforeseen problem occurs, the solution of which often requires financial resources. If, for example, there is a major damage to the car, the repair costs amount to 1500 euros or more. Now the car is part of everyday life, so it is impossible to postpone the matter.

Of course, other scenarios are possible – for example, the long-cherished desire to buy a special camera, which is now offered at a discounted price. It is only logical that the interested in the case would like to strike in the same case to save money. If the capital is lacking at the moment, the microcredit from Good lender represents an advantageous variant.

From filing the application to transferring the amount to the bank account, only a few working days pass. In this sense, the microcredit of Good lender acts as a modern and extremely smart solution to lend 1500 euros quickly and easily .

Statistics: Borrowing in Germany is increasing

More and more private individuals are taking advantage of the option to borrow, according to statistics: in 1991, while there were still 695 million euros in loans, the figure for 2017 was 1192 billion euros .

Given the very good conditions of Good lender’s microcredit, it is not surprising that many people now prefer to use such a short-term loan rather than the traditional way of using conventional banks . Small loans have been popular abroad for some time, but the model is also gaining in popularity in Germany.

Credit for 1500 euros: terms and conditions

Compared to most normal loans at the house bank, the requirements and framework conditions for a micro loan from Good lender are simple and 100% transparent.

Which documents are required for the application?


In order to apply for a 1500 Euro loan, only a few documents are needed. It is important for the applicant to prove the authenticity of his identity. For a valid ID card is elementary. In addition, proof of income from recent months must be submitted. They serve Good lender for credit checks.

Note The documents can be submitted in minutes via the Internet.

How does the application work?

Important Important: Only existing customers can borrow 1500 euros through Good lender. For new customers, the limit is 500 euros.

It’s easy, even as a new customer to get fast to the 1500 Euro credit:

  1. Step : Register and take a loan between 100 and 500 euros.
  2. Step : Repay the loan within 15 days. Note By completing this step, the new customer becomes an existing customer. Note:
  3. Step : Apply for the desired loan of 1500 Euro.

Here is a brief summary of the process of filing an application to be able to borrow 1500 euros:

  • Select loan amount of 1500 Euro
  • Specify duration (15 to 90 days)
  • Click on Apply now
  • Complete the form completely and honestly
  • Submit all required documents *

* As regards the submission of the required documents, the applicant has two options:

a) Post Ident procedure
The applicant will send the documents (copies) by post to Good lender. Here, a processing time of about three to four days can be expected.

b) Video Ident procedure
With the handy VideoIdent method, the process can be speeded up significantly, because the transmission takes place online (often a few hours).

Who is eligible for a 1500 Euro loan?

At Good lender, even middle-rated people have the opportunity to get a $ 1500 loan. This is a big advantage compared to traditional banks. In short, the microloans of Good lender are therefore open to anyone with a good to medium credit rating .

Furthermore, the consumer must be of legal age (ie at least 18 years old), have his main residence in Germany and have a German bank account. If the monthly income is at least 500 euros and there is no arrest warrant against the applicant, the chances are good to receive the loan of 1500 euros .

1500 Euro Credit: The additional options at Good lender

Good lender offers various additional options for the 1500 Euro loan as for all other short-term loans.

This includes

  • the credit certificate,
  • the express option and
  • the installments option.

a) Bonuses + package: the credit certificate
Good lender automatically analyzes the applicant’s credit data , then converts it to a score adjusted for smaller loan amounts and shorter maturities. The Boni + package is particularly beneficial to those middle-rated individuals who, due to their inadequate skills, Scores from their bank did not receive a credit approval. Good lender uses the credit certificate to obtain the creditworthiness of the applicant as part of a short-term loan. If this succeeds, a performance-based commission will apply. Otherwise, Good lender will pay for the costs incurred.

b) Express option
The express option greatly speeds up the process . This means that the payment is made within one hour to the applicant’s bank account . To ensure this, the documents mentioned must be received by Good lender no later than 3 pm . Of course, the express transfer works only on weekdays (Monday to Friday, not national holidays).

c) installment option
The applicant has the opportunity to settle the loan of 1500 euros comfortably in two installments . This extends the standard duration from 30 days to 60 days.
Note This form of installment option is also open to new customers. For existing customers, there is also an extension – they can repay the loan in three to six installments if necessary (equivalent to three to six months).

Costs and interest for a 1500 Euro loan at Good lender

Costs and interest for a 1500 Euro loan at Good lender

Unlike many traditional banks, the terms of a micro-loan are particularly advantageous at Good lender. Using the APR, anyone can calculate the interest actually incurred for one year. It should be noted that the repayments of a loan at Good lender never last a whole year, but a maximum of six months . This means for the borrower that he never has to pay the full APR, but only a portion of it. H2 What is the APR?

The APR incorporates all cost-related factors , such as fees and withdrawal rates. It indicates the actual annual costs associated with taking out a loan. Generally, the APR is higher than the borrowing rate – but for Good lender, the two types are the same. This shows that for a classic 1500 Euro credit at Good lender no additional fees, but only the debit interest incurred.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


How exactly is the 1500 Euro loan repaid?


Anyone wishing to borrow 1500 euros from Good lender can repay the amount in full after 15 or even 30 days . Alternatively, it is possible to repay the loan in several installments. This offers the consumer a lot of flexibility.

Borrow 1500 euros: Is there a possibility to extend the term?

Yes. The term of the loan repayment can be extended without further ado . For this purpose, the applicant merely has to select the installment option and then decide on the desired variant.

How fast is the payout when you book the Express option?

How fast is the payout when you book the Express option?

When booking the Express option, the applicant is responsible for submitting all required documents to Good lender by 3pm. In that case, the provider guarantees a quick disbursement of the loan amount to the borrower’s bank account within 60 minutes.

How does the loan calculator help identify the right loan?

The loan calculator provides the consumer with a quick overview of the possible loan amounts of 100 to a maximum of 3000 euros and the associated costs. It is clear from the outset how high the total cost of the targeted loan would be – regardless of whether the consumer wants to borrow 1500 euros or more.

Who settles the loan in the amount of 1500 euros?

The credit of Good lender AG, which is based in Berlin and cooperates with net-m-privatbank in 1891, is regulated by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).


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