Car Insurance

Why would you pay more for your car insurance than necessary. Many car owners still have insurance that is too expensive. That is why it is advisable to regularly view and compare the current premium for a car insurance policy. You are always helped with switching so that you do not have to worry about the paper shop.

Of course you take the discount that you have built up over the years (no claim) with you to your new insurance policy so that in the new situation you can of course also make optimum use of your claim-free years.


Car insurance

Car insurance

Driving is a costly business. You alone have lost a lot of money getting your driver’s license and then we are not even talking about purchasing a car if you have obtained this much sought-after paper (nowadays pass). And once you have bought a car, you will not be rid of the costs. Road tax, maintenance and repair, fuel and of course car insurance ensure that you spend a lot of money on your car every month. No matter how annoying it is to incur these costs, there is no escaping it.


Compulsory insurance

Compulsory insurance

As a car owner you are required by the government to insure your car. This insurance obligation has been created not to harm others in the event that you harm them through your car. In this case damage means both personal injury (damage to persons) and damage to property or goods (material damage). The minimum car insurance that you have to take out is the Legal Liability Insurance, popularly known as the liability insurance. The coverage of this car insurance is very limited and only covers damage to others (persons and material damage). The amounts insured have been set by the government at € 5,600,000 for personal injury and € 2,500,000 for material damage.


Expand car insurance

car insurance

You can always choose to expand your car insurance. The liability insurance is very minimal, but can suffice if you have a car that is older than ten years. If you want a slightly more extensive coverage, then choose the WA + coverage. Extras compared to liability insurance are that window breakage, joyriding, collision with animals and a number of things are also insured. If you have a new or almost new car, then it is a good idea to take out an Allrisk car insurance policy. This is the most comprehensive insurance that you can take out for your car. This variant also covers damage to your own car.


Expand even further

Finally, it is important to know that you can expand the different coverage as described above with additional modules. Examples of this are a Passenger Damage Insurance, an Accident Passenger Insurance or, for example, breakdown assistance at home or abroad. Do not go ice cream overnight and think carefully about the wishes and requirements that you set for your car insurance. There is more than just premium, conditions and additional coverage are just as important.

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